Leasing Yachts and boats | VAT lowering and special rate

Accurate indications in terms of taking over a contract, obtaining financing for a used boat, refitting or renting a berth. Expert staff enrolled in credit and finance professional registers.

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Leasing is an important factor in the nautical market as a whole. It is a known fact that purchasing a new boat by Leasing, whether in Italy or other countries in the European Community offers sizable advantages, including economic ones. One of these is loweringVAT from the standard 20% to the special rate of 6%, with a series of percentage discounts depending on the type and length of the boat (see the table below). 
Leasing is not an advantage when it comes to used boats, because if VAT is not applicable (and it rarely is), the rate should beincreased by the tax, in turn increasing the cost of the operation. When, however, the used boat being sold is already part of a leasing contract, the most convenient option is certainly to take over the existing contract rather than paying outright. In many cases, the contract may be renegotiated to find the most suitable financial plan for the new ship ownerECYB has a specialist division, a registered professional credit and financial advisor department, which studies and proposes solutions and adaptation for each deal negotiated
This means it can provide precise recommendations, within the scope of the profession of Maritime Brokers (the professional services are not invoiced separately), avoiding errors and making use of all the possibilities and options in terms of taking over a contract, obtaining financing for a used boat, refitting or renting a berth.

Nautical Leasing VAT rate schedule

Yacht typology

% of compensation subject 
to VAT 20%

Equivalent VAT rate *

motor or sailing yachts longer than 24 metres 30% 6%
sailing yachts between 20,01 and 24 metres | motoryachtsbetween 16,01 and 24 metres 40% 8%
sailing yachts between 10,01 and 20 metres | engine boatsbetween 12,01 and 16 metres 50% 10%
sailing boats up to 10 metres | motor boats between  7,5 and12 metres  60% 12%
Motor boats up to 7,50 metres 90% 18%
Units belonging to Category D (qualified for navigation only for protected waters) 100% 20%

*The VAT indicated is the result of the application of ordinary rate on the percentage of the fee foreseen from the schedule



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