Refitting Yachts and boats | Total or partial restoration

Tradition and technology for sophisticated refitting of rare, vintage and classic boats. |  Total or partial restoration and extraordinary maintenance.

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Skilled restoration works, complex extraordinary maintenance operations and total refitting often require a significant investment. Nevertheless, for many boats it can mean new value, new life. Knowing when and what to do and, more than anything, which provider to choose are vital factors to avoid taking a wise investment and putting it into a “loss” which may entail a great expense and the disappointment of not seeing the boat being restored, discovering extensive defects and lack of care. The market has experienced enormous growth in a relatively short span of time, both in terms of size and number, and nautical services have not always been able to meet demand and make the necessary investment due to the lack of specialists with adequate means. On the other hand, Italy produces some extraordinary skills, backed by tradition and technology, able to handle even the most sophisticated refitting, bringing rare, vintage and classic  in all their splendour. In this sector, East Coast Yacht Brokers has combined passion and competence with specific experience and the ability to offer its Clients appropriate support for different types of intervention. East Coast specialises in prestige and business operations, searching for ideal boats – in terms of originality or cost effectiveness – to be totally refitted. It also provides assistance and surveyor services for extraordinary maintenance or partial restorations.

  of 1964, sold in 2006, completely renovated by MA DUE Shipyard of Viareggio and launched in 2008.
  Corbina - Yacht & Sail October 2010 (pdf)
  Navetta WATSON 24

A classic motor yacht in steel of 24 metres and with a displacement of 100 tons. The project goes back to the thirties and was realized by the prestigious Scottish naval architect G.L. WATSON. The construction was assigned in 1938 to the shipyard Garvel, of Greecock, Scotland.
The WATSON study, one of the most excellent studios of naval architecture of the time – renowned was the BRITANNIA project, yacht commissioned from the English Royalties – contributed with its signature to the success of this boat, that became a symbol for yachting thanks to the high quality of the materials and of the construction.

The MA DUE shipyard in Viareggio, specialized in renovation of classic boats, is collaboration with a well-known architecture studio, is involved in the refit of this fascinating motor yacht.
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